L3 Lynx NGT-9000

One-For-All. All-In-One.

Model: 9200-15000-0101

Add TAS active traffic (NGT9000+) for only $1,500 more.

 If not already installed TAS active traffic will require NY164 antenna sold separately. NY156 directional Antenna (TCAS l) sold separately.

Get the standard L-3 NGT9000 for only $4,779, with ATAS Enablement included FREE!
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Note: Install Only

NGT-9000: $4789.00 W/ATAS Included free

NGT-9000+ w/TAS Active Traffic: $6149.00

NGT-9000+ w/TCAS 1 Active Traffic: $7499.00

Lynx NGT-9000 series. One-for-all. All-in-one.

Designed as a form-fit replacement for your legacy transponder, the Lynx NGT-9000 is your ultimate panel mounted ADS-B solution. In addition to being a new-generation 1090ES transponder, the NGT-9000 brings a host of additional capabilities into your aircraft including:
• 978 / 1090 MHz Dual-band receiver provides traffic and weather for any aircraft operating at any altitude
• Patented L3 Lynx Tail provides flight ID, aircraft type and the ground speed of other ADS-B traffic
• Intuitive full-color, resistive touch touchscreen interface optimized for cockpit environments
• Full-color moving maps including TFRs, airports and NOTAMs
• Full-color graphical and textual weather displays
• Built-In interface and display for the WX-500 Stormscope® Lightning Detection System
• Built-in WAAS/GPS requires no external GPS connections
• ARINC 429, RS-232 and RS-422 output to easily interface with many panel displays
• Optional Class B embedded Terrain Awareness Warning System (eTAWS)
• Optional ADS-B Traffic Advisory System (ATAS) aural alerting capability announces position of intruder aircraft “Traffic, traffic, three o’clock high, two miles.” ATAS also surveys and warns in busy traffic patterns.
• Embedded NextGen Active Traffic option eliminates the need for a separate box
• Wi-Fi ADS-B traffic and weather to flight apps like ForeFlight using the included hardware

- Weight: 2.96 lbs (1.35 kg)
- Voltage range: 14/28 VDC (24 W Max)
- Mode S Transponder Power: 125W min/250W max
- Temperature: -20° to +55°C (-4° to +131°F)
- Operating altitude: 55,000 ft (16,800 m)
- Transponder type: Mode A/C, S and ES
- Warranty: 3-Years from date of purchase

NGT-9000 Lynx MSS
Installation Kit (choice of Straight RF or Right Angle RF)
Detachable Configuration Module
Wi-Fi Interface Module PIM-9000, with install kit
GPS/WAAS Antenna
NGT9000 Pilot Guide

Directional Antenna NY-164 (TAS)
TCAS 1 NGT-9000+ APP
NY-156 Directional Antenna (TCAS 1)

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