L3 ESI-500

Electronic Standby Instrument

Model: 9200-15000-0101

ESI-500: $5429.00

ESI-500 w/Synthetic Vision: $6579.00

ESI-500 w/Magnetometer: $6018.00

ESI-500 w/Magnetometer & Synthetic Vision: $7129.00

ESI-500 Electronic Standby Instrument


The L3 3.5-Inch viewable ESI-500 has AML-STC covering thousands of aircraft. L-3’s Next Generation Electronic Standby Instrument System is one of the most advanced standby instruments designed specifically for piston and turboprop aircraft and helicopters. The compact unit is scalable and comes standard with altitude, attitude, slip/skid, vertical speed and aircraft track. Options are available for the display of navigation information and Synthetic Vision (SynVis), including terrain and obstacles.


Mirrors PFD presenting attitude, altitude, airspeed and slip data
Options for terrain, SynVis, obstacles, heading and navigation
Internal lithium-ion battery offers uninterrupted flight data
Low cost, compact design for piston & turboprop aircraft
High-resolution, 24-bit color display
3″ round case for easy installation into existing panel cutouts
Airspeed awareness band highlights aircraft VNE and VMO cues

ESI-500 (p/n 9200-15000-0101)
Data Configuration Module (p/n 9230-15002-01)
ESI Installation Kit (p/n 9060-15000-01)

Magnetometer (p/n 9200-15500-0101)
Magnetometer Install Kit (p/n 9060-15500-01)
Synthetic Vision: Topography, Terrain Shading, Towers / Obstructions
Navigation: VOR data or GPS Data or ILS Data

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