JPI EDM-930 

Electronic Standby Instrument

Model: 9200-15000-0101

JPI EDM-930 (4)Cylinder No tank system: $5449.00

JPI EDM-930 (4)Cylinder Two tank system: $5649.00

JPI EDM-930 (4)Cylinder Four Tank system: $5839.00

JPI EDM-930 (6)Cylinder No tank system: $5729.00

JPI EDM-930 (6)Cylinder Two tank system: $5919.00

JPI EDM-930 (6)Cylinder Four tank system: $6089.00


EDM 930 Primary


The EDM-930 is certified as a primary flight instrument.  With the 930 on board, you can remove many of your old engine gauges, and open up valuable space in your panel. Fly with confidence as your EDM930 acts as your full time on-board flight engineer. 


 Pre-Wired Harness for all functions

• Display SVGA

• RPM Prop

• MAP Manifold Pressure

• % HP Percent of Horse Power

• EGT Exhaust Gas Temp.

• CHT Cylinder Head Temp.

• EGT Normalize mode

• LOP/ROP JPI Exclusive Leaning Mode

• O-T Oil Temperature

• O-P Oil Pressure

• F-P Fuel Pressure (when in POH)

• OAT Outside Air Temp.

• VDC Voltage (1)

• AMP Current amps (2 twins)

• Fuel Flow Transducer FlowScan

• GPH Gallons per Hour GPH

• REQ Required to wp or destination

• USD Fuel used

• H:M Endurance Hours and Minutes

• MPG Miles per Gal

• CLD Shock Cooling on ALL cylinders

• DIFF Difference between EGT’s

• USB Memory stick 1 GB

• Data Recording 800 Hrs every 6 sec.

• EZTrends Graphing Software free

• 3 year Warranty

Dimensions: EDM-930   –  3.3″ deep(add 2″ for connectors)    -5.584″ wide – 5.11″ high

 The EDM 930 is a self contained instrument. All functions or channels on the EDM are recorded at an adjustable rate of every 2 to 60 seconds per recording. The EDM-930 is sold in several versions.The display is a TFT, full VGA not 1/4 VGA display. This type of display permits a lot of latitude in placing the gages on the screen. The EDM-930 is sold in several versions.

* EDM-930 ALL IN ONE Bright VGA Display

* Pre-Wired Harness for all functions * All EGT/ CHT probes

* Oil Pressure Transducer

* Oil Temperature Sensor

* Fuel Pressure Transducer

* Oat Sensor

* RPM Sensor, One required

* Manifold Pressure Transducer

* 100 amp Shunt (2)(for Amps) * Volts pick-up V-1 and V-2 * 2 GB memory Download/upload stick

* FloScan Fuel Flow Transducer w/firesleeve

* Demo DVD

* 3 year Warranty

The maximum file size is 5mb (doc,gif,jpg,jpeg,pdf,png)