Avidyne AXP340

Mode S Transponder With ADS-B Out

Model: 850-00219-000

AXP340: $2575.00

Mode S Transponder With ADS-B Out


The AXP340 transponder is a panel-mounted Class 1 Mode S Level 2 Datalink Transponder, with support for 1090MHz Extended Squitter (ES), that meets all the current requirements for Mode S elementary surveillance transponders for both IFR and VFR flight. As a slide-in replacement for existing KT76A/KT78A transponders, the AXP340 is designed to easily upgrade existing Mode A/C equipment to Mode S, while adding additional functionality like a Direct-entry Numeric Keypad, Pressure Altitude & GPS Lat/Lon readout, Flight ID entry, one-touch VFR code entry, an easy-to-use Stop Watch Timer, Flight Timer, and Altitude Alerter.

Dimensions: 6.30"W x 1.57"H x 9.4"D (160 x 40 x 239 mm)
Weight: 2.98 lbs (01.35 kg)
Type: Class 1 Mode S Level 2 Datalink, Elementary Surveillance, Enhanced Surveillance
Certification: TSO C112c, TSO C166b, ETSO 2C112b, ETSO C166b
Compliance: ED73B, DO160E, DO178B level B, DO181C, DO260B, AC 20-165, ADS-B Out
Power: 10 – 33 V; Idle: 0.22 A, Active: 0.45 A; 240W nominal at connector
Environmental: -20 to +55 C, 35,000ft, No external cooling fan required.


Includes installation kit and mounting tray.  Antenna sold separately.

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